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Rediscover America's rich heritage and learn from the brave men and women who fought to protect our liberty.

There is a movement ignited by progressives to attempt to make Americans feel guilty about their nation's heritage. They want you to believe that liberty is evil and that American history should be erased. 

But you know this is not true. America has an incredible history—one that we can and should take great pride in. Brave men and women fought for and died hundreds of years to secure and preserve American liberty. This history is worthy of celebration and extended study. That's why Hillsdale offers this course, American Heritage, for no charge—completely free—as part of our mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty.

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What students say about American Heritage

"Dr. Rahe's lectures were simply outstanding. He really brings the American Revolutionary period alive!"
– Keith E.

"This course gave me a much better understanding of where we have come from. Appreciate the valuable work Hillsdale is doing for our country!"
– Laura A.

"Extraordinary in their simplicity and so fulfilling in their content. Thank you for creating this avenue to knowledge."
– John C.
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