“Introduction to the Constitution,” a free online course from Hillsdale College, is presented in a style that immerses you in the Hillsdale classroom experience. Each lesson is less than 15 minutes long. Find yourself at the table with Larry P. Arnn, as he teaches his students the principles of liberty. Peer into the lively discussions that take place as students explore the implications and beauty of our Constitution. 

The U.S. Constitution is the key to securing liberty for all Americans -- yet few know exactly what it says, and what freedoms it protects. That is why every student of Hillsdale College is required to study this document before graduation.

Join us in this course as we revisit the words of our founding fathers and rediscover the principles of liberty. As always, Hillsdale offers this course for no charge—completely free—as part of our mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty.

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Discover the simple but profound truths of the Constitution in an entirely new way.

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