It’s concerning that 47 percent of college students don’t know that U.S. Senators are elected to six-year terms and U.S. Representatives to two-year terms. How can we expect these young men and women to be good citizens when they don’t understand the basics of our constitutional form of government? Clearly what’s needed is nothing less than a revolution in education nationwide—particularly civics education.

That’s why Hillsdale College launched it’s Barney Charter School Initiative—to lead a revolution in K-12 education and preserve liberty for future generations. Hillsdale has already helped open 17 charter schools in nine states, with additional schools opening each year.

Each of these schools feature a classical curriculum that promotes civic virtue and moral character, and thousands of elementary and high school students are enrolled already. Through these schools, we are building character in children all across the country, teaching these young people how to live full, flourishing human lives. 

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Returning Excellence to American K-12 Education

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