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Learn from the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century.

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You are invited to discover C.S. Lewis’s answers to the great questions of the Christian faith by joining a free 3-week study group on one of Hillsdale College’s most popular online courses, “C.S. Lewis on Christianity.” 

C.S. Lewis was one of the greatest Christian apologists of the twentieth century. His writings provide profound and clear insights into the nature of good and evil, prayer and the Bible, suffering and death, heaven and hell, and so much more.

His classic works are not only a joy to read, but they also reveal the profound truth of the Christian faith in a simple and life-changing way.

Starting November 29, you will work through 7 lessons presented by Dr. Michael Ward—one of the world’s leading C.S. Lewis scholars—as he grapples with the central questions of faith and morality addressed in Lewis’s most important books.

In addition, high school students participating in this study group are invited to enter an essay contest, with cash prizes awarded for the best essays.

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We hope you will join us to discover the beauty and truth of the Christian faith.

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Learn from the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century.

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