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Sharpen your understanding of basic economics as an informed U.S. citizen.

Our legislative branch of government relies heavily on economic statistics when making national policy decisions. They often cite statistics like the unemployment rate, inflation rate, minimum wage pay rates, and more. However, the economic principles that underlie free markets–and the ways that statistics like these are defined–are not broadly understood. 

Free markets have been the driving force behind America’s economic growth and prosperity over the last two centuries. Our economy thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit, which requires freedom to flourish. Hillsdale College seeks to teach (and re-teach!) you—and all Americans—about these fundamental principles.

This ten-lecture course is delivered by economics professor Gary Wolfram, with an introduction and concluding lecture by Hillsdale President Larry P. Arnn. This course covers the most important economic topics you need to know, including how markets work, the role of profit, restoring economic liberty, and more.

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