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Hugh and Hillsdale guests talk about literature, history, philosophy and current events. These talks air nationwide on Hugh’s radio show, but they’re also released as podcasts and have developed a nationwide following.

Hillsdale College launched the Churchill Project to propagate a right understanding of Sir Winston Churchill’s record. The Churchill Project completed The Churchill Documents, a series in the official biography of Sir Winston Churchill. 

Imprimis is Hillsdale College’s digest of liberty. It features speeches given at Hillsdale events by America’s smartest conservative thinkers and writers, focusing on political, economic, historical, and cultural topics from a constitutional viewpoint.

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The Project promotes Churchill scholarship through national conferences, student scholarships, online courses, and an endowed faculty chair. Through these endeavors, Hillsdale College is at the forefront of Churchill research, scholarship, and study. You can learn more about the Churchill Project below:  

It is America’s most widely circulated publication in support of liberty, mailed to more than 6.4 million households and businesses ten times per year—and now you can receive a FREE subscription as well

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