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The Wall Street Journal

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33 E. College St. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | Phone: (517) 437-7341 | Fax: (517) 437-3923 | Privacy Policy

Read the article below to learn why Hillsdale was the first American college to prohibit any discrimination based on race, religion, or sex in its charter, and “with the help of God,” it continues to “resist, by all legal means, any encroachments on its independence.”

As you just read, the pursuit of truth and the defense of liberty have been hallmarks of Hillsdale College since its founding in 1844.

Because Hillsdale accepts no government funding—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student grants or loans—the College remains true to its 178-year-old mission.

The College’s independence from government funding frees Hillsdale from many unconstitutional and corrupting federal regulations, like counting its students by race. But it also means that we depend entirely on the support of citizens like you, who understand the importance of education to liberty.

Your support helps provide the best liberal arts education in the land to our nearly 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students. But it does much more as well.

With the help of supporters like you, we have extended our educational mission nationwide through Imprimis—Hillsdale’s free “digest of liberty,” free online courses, and K-12 education programs.

Each year, these outreach efforts reach and teach millions of Americans, including our youngest citizens.

Your generosity helps support Hillsdale College’s independence and defend the cause of liberty through education.

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