The Radio Free Hillsdale Hour is a one-hour weekly radio show created to advance the efforts of Hillsdale College in radiating its knowledge and teaching to the world outside of campus. Listeners will hear the arguments and debates that make up the liberal arts education and will experience the learning and teaching that happens on campus. Listen to our latest episodes below.

The Radio Free Hillsdale Hour is produced and distributed by Hillsdale College. Each episode begins with a conversation with a Hillsdale faculty member. We’ll tackle a topic in the recent headlines and help listeners understand and interpret the details.

That’s followed up by an interview with an off-campus guest. We talk with authors, writers, think tank scholars, elected officials, and other journalists and columnists. Then we sit down with a Hillsdale professor to dig into a matter of liberal arts importance. The same educators teaching Hillsdale students will be talking directly to your listeners! We’ll also bring your audience exclusive audio of lectures and speeches that have taken place on Hillsdale’s campus. 

About Our Host

The Radio Free Hillsdale Hour is hosted by Scot Bertram, a radio veteran with nearly twenty years of experience. Scot is the General Manager of the student radio station at Hillsdale College and teaches in the school’s journalism department.

Experience the Hillsdale College education with the Radio Free Hillsdale Hour, a weekly radio program hosted by Scot Bertram, in which we hear from Hillsdale College professors and friends. Check out the latest episodes here.


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